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See Brie Larson In A Hat She Can’t Get Over


No one can deny that Brie Larson has a style all her own. The actress often posts her looks on her Instagram page, much to the enjoyment of her massive number of followers. She had posted herself in what seemed to be Hawaii, wearing an oddly colored knit hat. That post was in the middle of July. Now, she has returned to post about the same hat, claiming she can’t get over it. Though it is oddly colored, it does look quite comfortable, which could be the biggest reason why she won’t stop wearing it. We are in the middle of summer, so a hat like that might be a bit too hot to wear. You can see the hat below:

We are not entirely sure about the construction of this hat, especially when it comes to the back of it. It looks like there is some flap or extended piece, as it is sitting on the left shoulder of Brie Larson. To be honest, she does look quite fashionable in the hat, especially in the second picture of the above collection. If anyone would be able to rock that hat with confidence and class, it is Larson. The world seems to agree that the hat should stay, as it has garnered well over 200,000 likes. The more than 800 comments are all people using the heart eye emoji or telling the actress how adorable she is. We couldn’t agree more. Despite how odd the color scheme is for the hat, it does look like it was made with love.

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To be honest, we don’t think Brie Larson would get away with wearing that hat on the set of Fast X, but crazier things have happened. She is currently filming her role in part one of that franchise wrapping up its finale. Larson had wished to be cast in the film, which producer Vin Diesel granted. Now, she can finally cement herself in yet another billion-dollar franchise. Apart from Fast X, the actress is set to reprise her role in The Marvels, which is the sequel to Captain Marvel. Both films have a release date in 2023, with Fast X premiering first in May. The Marvels will follow shortly after in June. Seems Larson is going to be in two big summer blockbuster films.

Apart from the previously mentioned blockbuster films, Brie Larson will have a starring role in two different television shows. She will take on the role of a CIA operative, which sounds to be like a biopic of sorts. She then portrays a disgraced scientist named Elizabeth Zott in Lessons in Chemistry. It is quite interesting she is going from huge films to the TV sector. We are sure she will be fantastic in both.

Brie Larson often updates her fans about her life and outfits via her Instagram page. It might be why she has a staggering seven million followers. We are not sure if her knit hat is going to be joining her in any of her upcoming projects, but she will likely continue to post it on her social media.

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