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See A Young Brie Larson Celebrating With A Supermodel


Brie Larson has no issues taking to Instagram and letting fans know what’s happening in her life. Some celebrities have made this a part of their routine, engaging with fans and offering glimpses into life behind the scenes. Larson is definitely one of them in that respect and has one of the more active accounts out there. And sometimes it isn’t just what’s happening in her life now that makes the social media cut. She’ll dip back into the archives as well, especially when it’s sending a message to a friend out there. That was the case this week when she took to Instagram to wish supermodel Karlie Kloss a happy birthday. It was a throwback picture and Brie Larson reminds folks that they were just “babies” when the photo was taken. Check out what Brie Larson posted on Instagram.

Karlie Kloss’s birthday was actually on August 3rd and this Brie Larson post went up on the 4th, though I doubt anyone cared all that much about the timing. And fans didn’t seem to mind at all with plenty ringing in their support for both the actress and the model. Derek Blasberg even rang in to comment that he remembered the day in question when the original photo was taken. So there’s at least some history there. And considering that Brie Larson has an engaging Instagram account, it’s no surprise that this post saw huge numbers. At the time of this writing, there were more than 134K likes, a solid number even considering that Larson has more than seven million followers on the platform.

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Again, Brie Larson is engaging on Instagram and that, combined with her fame, has made for an interesting feed. She’s posted all kinds of odds and ends over the last couple of weeks whether it’s a look at her travel adventures, scuba diving, unwrapping some oversized art, or just sitting alone in the middle of traffic while filming her latest movie. It’s basically all on the table for the actress who is seemingly at the top of her game right now when it comes to starring in big franchises.

For starters, Brie Larson is set to return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe next summer when she reprises her Carol Danvers/ Captain Marvel role in The Marvels. It is set to unite her character with Iman Vellani’s Kamala Khan/ Ms. Marvel in a story that should bridge the timelines for the two characters and likely work as a torch-passing moment for the franchise.

And in addition to that billion-dollar franchise, Brie Larson is going to have a part in another one as well. That’s because she’s slated to join Vin Diesel and company in Fast X when it releases in theaters on May 19th of next year. This is set to be the final installment of the Fast & Furious franchise with the original and main cast and by all accounts, it will be a massive blockbuster when it finally hits the big screen. Brie Larson’s role hasn’t yet been disclosed for the film, though she’s posted pictures of her and Diesel yucking it up behind the scenes. It’s just another celebrity she worked into her Instagram feed.

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