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REVIEW: The Last Wave (1977) – FictionMachine

17/08/2022 15:05 37

· The Last Wave is bold and wonderful strange. It comes packed with rain-soaked foreboding and a then-progressive, muscular attitude to 

Film: &x27Last Wave,&x27 Storm of Occultism:Mysticism Down Under

17/08/2022 15:05 83

· Yet until we arrive at this breathless anticlimax, "The Last Wave" is a movingly moody shock-film, composed entirely of the kind of variations 

The Last Wave | Film Review – Spirituality & Practice

17/08/2022 15:05 26

Peter Weir's extraordinary film is a visually startling and totally engrossing meditation on the close connection between the mysteries of nature and the power 

The Last Wave rewatched – mysticism, prophecy and the end of times

17/08/2022 15:05 23

· The Last Wave, Weir's magnificent follow-up film (released in 1977) has an unsettling surreal energy that seems to exist entirely in that 

Delightful Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day Is Good Escapism

17/08/2022 08:03 24

· While the film may be story-boarded to focus on Delysia choosing between three lovers on “the most important day of her life”, it is in fact a 

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Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day (United Kingdom, 2008)

17/08/2022 08:03 29

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day is lightweight and airy, a breeze through the stale theater air of early March. The period setting, big band sound, and 

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day

17/08/2022 08:03 23

· After an unpromising first act of misfired comedy, London-set tale of a frumpy middle-aged woman whose fleeting involvement with an 

Film Review: Christian Bale in Vice

17/08/2022 05:59 35

· The audience, in trying to suss out his motivation, let alone (gulp!) ... “Vice” is a preaching-to-the-choir movie, but its real limitation is 

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Vice doesnt want to humanize Dick Cheney. So instead, it (maybe) demonizes America

17/08/2022 05:59 34

· Vice is different, perhaps because everyone in it was a public figure and is portrayed by some famous actor. Christian Bale plays Cheney, and 

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